Fundraising Concerts

How to put on your charity fundraising concert…

We are happy to advise those making serious enquiries.  See the button or menu above, but here are the basics anyway:  This is how Tim netted £450 for the Palawan Trust, a few years ago:

I chose a venue that is easy to get to, did not charge too much and with easy parking:  it might have been be worth negotiating on price , but I didn’t.  It had a  piano that had been recently and effectively tuned. The venue  has a music licence from the local authority.

  1. I agreed a date and time with the other performers (Further Enquiries). I asked in some helpers, to collect tickets, act as ushers, pour drinks etc.
  2. I planned audience refreshments.  We ourselves had glasses of water.
  3. I decided on the admission price, selling tickets both in advance and “on the door”.
  4. I worked out a publicity campaign.  I printed some posters and handbills and made sure these were actually distributed/put up.  I told lots of my friends about it.
  5. An hour before the show, I got my helpers to put out the chairs, site the piano, and put up a few lights.  
  6. I, the accompanists and the other singers did the rest.  We arrived in good time to help get things right and to “warm up”.
  7. I kept all the profit money and gave it to The Palawan Trust. 

Sorted!  But I had to do singing as well as organising.

Tim Davies”